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Down Payment Assistance

Saving up money to buy a home can be tough.  We get it.  Maybe you would rather use that money for something else.  That is fine with us.  Down payment assistance can accomplish your goal of homeownership sooner when you find that great house.  A 30 year fixed-rate first loan combined with a repayable small 2nd mortgage to finance the down payment is how our program gives you no down payment financing.  We will compare this option to our other loan programs so you can choose the solution that works best for you.

With the increase in housing costs and home prices, down payment assistance can help bridge the gap between what an Oklahoman can afford and the money needed to buy a house. By reducing the upfront cash needed to purchase a home, down payment assistance can make homeownership more accessible to families, individuals, and first time homebuyers. This can enhance affordability and make homeownership a realistic goal for more Oklahomans in the state. Scissortail Financial knows that down payment assistance plays a vital role in making homeownership attainable for people throughout Oklahoma, promoting financial stability, economic growth, and community well-being.

With us, down payment assistance funds may be used towards the borrower’s cash requirement to close, such as the down payment, closing costs, pre-paid items, and other related mortgage loan fees and expenses.

Advantages of Down Payment Assistance

Ready to make homeownership a reality? Discover how down payment assistance can turn your dreams into keys in hand. Ask us about down payment assistance today while program funding is available.

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The experts at Scissortail Financial will arm you with helpful mortgage information plus other valuable resources to help make buying your home quick and easy! 

Step 1 is to make loan application.  To make it easy, Scissortail Financial does not charge loan application or credit report fees to get started.  Scissortail Financial is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Greg and the team have got to be the best lender I’ve ever worked with for any type of loan. They did an excellent job working us through the process, and answering any questions quickly and accurately. We used them for our initial purchase, and again later on a refinance. I can’t recommend them enough.

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